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Apatite Large Tower

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Apatite Large Tower

Inspiration • Ambition • Health
Jumpstart your appetite for life with Blue Apatite Palm Stone. Blue apatite can help with the healing properties pulling you out of mental or emotional blocks and surround and immerse you into bright positivity. Apatite is helpful in seeing the possibilities abound, blue apatite palm stones can help to motivate your spirit to go out and conquer your wish lists. This crystal also helps you to focus on your health and make conscious decisions to shift your priorities to create a healthy mind, body and spirit balance. 

A Blue Apatite touchstone in hand is a powerful tool. It activates your third eye and base chakras, so that you’re not only driven, but focused as well. What often causes our determination to dwindle, is a lack of foresight. Without a clear sense of direction, we quickly spend our energy and feel no more progressed than we did before. With using the Blue apatite energy in our third eye chakra, we can find that focus and recall where we need to go.

Blue apatite benefits are great for those who have started to lose faith in humanity. It can be difficult to remember all of the amazing people working to improve their community in small ways, when you’re instead constantly being inundated with negativity in the news and political events or world problem. This stone allows your passion for others to perish, uplift yourself and those around you by tapping into the powers of blue apatite energy! Let blue apatite healing properties help you by helping others by enriching your philanthropic desires.

Use this stone to enhance your own life as well. By amplifying your energy, you break through the frustrations that are blocking personal progress and feel propelled to take on new challenges. Feel inspirited to make change and to help others. Helping you to transform your negative mindset into a positive one, blue apatite will inspire you to create a better life for yourself. Origin From Madagascar.