About Us

Nestled in the beautiful bluffs on California's Pacific Coast. Raised collecting shells, crystals & picking flowers since I can remember. My father’s film making & my mother’s love for painting & jewelry, was encouraged from a young age to make & create. Always being shown the love & appreciation for the arts & earth. They quickly divorced, but both taught me the importance of being an artist in their own way. They showed me how integrity, hard work hard & believing in yourself. That is how I became a self taught artist.

I was lucky enough to have met the love of my life in 1997, we met when I was 18. What a magical amazing adventure. In which we share the love for nature, music & art together. We have been vegetarians for over 2 decades. (My husband was born & raised veggie). We are farmers, parents, earth nurturing people and 
survivors of life. We have been married for a while now & celebrate being together for over 22 years and have two beautiful daughters together. 

My other influence in art, is nature. I love nature. Everything about it. Ocean, mountains, dirt, flowers, water, universe. I have used nature's inspiration to make jewelry & organic clothing for over 20 years. All of my inspiration comes from the love of arts, travel, nature & music. Music is my other huge influence over my creations. Over the past years, you may have seen us at music festivals, pop up events, local art shows or perhaps visited us when we had a brick/mortar store in lovely Santa Barbara. 

The name came from our daughters middle name, Lotus. Hence in 2006, The Lotus Boutique began on the corner of Chapala Street in Santa Barbara. We stayed in that lovely area for 8 years before transforming to our online boutique! During that time we raised our lovely daughters, burned out in a natural fire 2008 (losing everything we owned). And still Our beliefs come from believing in kindness & manifestations can help change the world & make an impact on others. Pay it Forward, Give what you can when you can. We try to embrace the hardships with the idea of positivity. That we as humans are all delicate. We all deal with death & re-birth. The phoenix rising. I starting making sacred geometry clothing about 9 years ago to explain all these thoughts, manifestations, connections & ideas that came to me. 

As we began back in the day, we always valued our precious Mother Earth. Our products have & will always continue to be organic, earth friendly, fair trade, sustainable, conscious companies, local businesses, & other small artists. Our crystals are all bought with highly ethically standards. I buy them directly from a wholesaler, he/father buys direct from sources, sustainable & good standards. We value being a green business all of our packaging made with 100% recycled materials.

Because of your support & love that we proudly still offer art, jewelry, healing, crystals & other sustainable merchandise through our online boutique! We feel so thankful for your support, lucky to have made these connections with you & have friendships/relationships with you all!! Thanks for supporting our dream & shopping small business. Much Love always & pay it forward!