Leah Tote - Natural
Leah Tote - Natural

Leah Tote - Natural

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Tote bag with a drawstring lining that can be sealed. The bag is made of atta grass with a faux leather handle and the drawstring is made of a fun and colorful batik cotton. What is atta grass? Atta (pronounced 'Atè') Grass - is a tropical grass indigenous to tropical islands in Southeast Asia like Bali & Java. Atta thrive around water such as lakes, rivers and swamp and it grows exponentially in remote places. Why we love it? Out of the three natural fibers we have to offer, atta is the most water resistant because coating works really well to lock in the surface - protecting the fibers from mold. Atte handbags has a unique texture, perfect for a bohemian style. * Every bag comes with EVERINA silky dust bag in black so you can store it properly
Made in Indonesia